I believe we live in a time in our culture that is crying out for a resurrection of true manhood. True manhood calls for men to first realize that they are strong; that they possess an inner toughness to be protectors and providers. It also calls for men to realize that their strength is needed, that they have the ability and the responsibility to step in and fulfill their duties as men. Our strength makes us responsible, not just for us, but for those who are around us, those who are depending upon us. As men, our hearts where not made to be focused solely on ourselves. When we become consumed with using our strength for only satisfying our own ambitions and appetites, our strength is not being used the way it should and, in the end, we will never be satisfied.

Every man has a sphere of influence, people or places where his presence can make a difference.

Domonic Purviance

You see, every man was created to solve a problem. We were made as men to bring order to where there is disorder, stability to where there is chaos, light to where there is darkness, wholeness to where there is brokenness. We are “repairers of the breach” and our strength is given to us to make the world around us better. This is the model of manhood we see in the life of Christ, who saw humanity in its brokenness and stepped to fix it. Whether in our families, in society as a whole or in both, what brings us the most satisfaction and fulfillment as men is when we focus our strength on solving a problem, on making the world around us better.

Every man has a sphere of influence, people or places where his presence can make a difference. Each day that a man leverages his influence for the benefit of others, he is using his strength to solve the problem he was created to solve. The challenges we see in the world around us that break our hearts, the solutions that we feel passionate about bringing to past, the dreams and visions that burn inside of us, or the injustices we witness that raises a righteous indignation in us are all clues to what our strength was designed to be used for. Often times, we can only become aware of these things when our focus is taken off of us and on to those who need us the most. And until all of our strength is focused on solving the problem we were created to solve, on using our influence to make the world around us better, life will always feel empty and purposeless.

As I reflect on the homeless man on the subway that night, I was reminded how so many people are depending on us as men, how so many need our strength. We can’t afford to be complacent. We can’t afford to fail. They need us be there. Sometimes, the only thing we have to do is to simply show up. Just our very presence, the sound of our voice, can bring a peace and order. Our strength was given to us to solve the problems that are within our circle of influence. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our world. We may not be able to help everyone, but we can help someone. We can be husbands and fathers to those that are ours. We can we leaders and entrepreneurs that create opportunities for those who need them. We can simply be an example of what true manhood looks like. It is our duty to do so and nothing else we satisfy us until we do.

King Culture Team

King Culture Team

King Culture is a nonprofit organization with a mission to equip men to be kings in their culture. Through innovative media and content as well as creative programming designed for men of all ages, we hope to challenge and inspire a generation of men to grow tall enough to wear the crown of a King who lives by a Code and who fights for a Cause in their spheres of influence.

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