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Equipping Men to Be Selfless Leaders

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In times of transition and tension, the answers to the challenges we face can seem insurmountable and the future can seem uncertain. If we are to solve the crises of our time, ordinary men must be willing to do the extraordinary. They must learn to live as kings; to lead selflessly in spite of the challenges that lie in front of them. They must to take their place in the epic struggle of ensuring the moral arc of the universe bends steadily towards justice. Whether you are a father, faith leader, artist, entrepreneur, educator, mentor or man in the making, King Culture is a timeless resource designed to challenge you to create a culture in your sphere of influence that is filled with:

1. Inherent Dignity
2. Personal Agency
3. Sense of Responsibility
4. Spirit of Bravery
5. Air of Nobility
6. Plan for Longevity